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How to Connect MongoDB server with PHP

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 Requirements :

  1. Basic Knowledge of MongoDB
  2. MongoDB Server
  3. PHP driver for MongoDB

Start the server:

1.In windows, go to cmd and navigate to bin folder in mongodb    
  installation location.
2.Execute " mongod " command to start the server.

      If you haven't installed mongodb server before.check my videos MongoDB installation in windows  and php driver setup for mongodb


Explanation :

          $connection=new MongoClient();
                    MongoClient()  by default creats a connection to server at localhost:27017.If you want to create a connection to remote server then you can specify it as arguments.

     This piece of code selects the database named university.If the database haven't created before,mongodb will automaticaly creates a databse. 

$student_collection= $db->student;
       same as above line,but this line creats (if first time ) and also selects collection(table in RDMS) named dont have to specify any schema ,mongodb has dynamic schema feature.
     Finally,create an array with required fields.Insert created array (document) in to collection using insert() function.

Video Tutorial

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  1. see actually use db works whereas Show Collections and db.student.find<> doesnt gives any output.....

  2. Hello YRR help .
    I am unable to connect to PHP and Mongodb.
    If you can help , that would be good.

    Please reach to me to

  3. hey, i want to insert entries which have been entered in my php sign up page into the mongodb database. so what do i do. please please help asap. thanks!

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