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Install and Configure SSH service in Linux

What is SSH..?

                        Have You Ever Wondered,How to remotely connect to your server ? Most of the time, we will never touch server once it is configured.It's gonna stag in server room. All the necessary actions to ther server like stopping and starting web server,Installing new Packages,Changing host entries all done via remote access.


                           So,Today in this post we are gonna talk about how to set up remote access using SSH. On a high level,SSH ( Secure SHell) is a standard  protocol that allows  remote connection.Once SSH service is installed in your linux box, you can access that machine from any location providing a proper authentication. 


                     Setting up SSH service is very straight forward. We just have to install a program called openSSH. Its a program that actually implements SSH protocol. Based on your linux distro,you have to type particular command and install the program.

       Debain / Ubuntu
                        sudo apt-get install openssh-server 
     Fedora / RedHat 
                                yum install openssh-server 

Start/Stop/Restart/Checking status of SSH service

                               If you wonder whether your server is already running or if you want start/stop/restart the service use the following command line

                   1.Know the status
                                          service ssh status 
                   2.Restart the service
                                      service ssh  restart
                   3.Start/Stop service
                                         service ssh stop
                                         service ssh start

Configure openSSH

                    By default service is gonna run with basic configuration.To override default configurations like port number (22), Authentication types, Banner Message etc,You have to change sshd_config  file which is located in /etc/ssh

                  For Detailed description on installation and configuration proceed with this video. 



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