Sunday, February 10, 2019

Spring MVC Example for Beginners : E commerce Application

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                      In the followingVideo lectures, I explained how to Set-Up Basic Spring MVC Application using Spring Boot and also developed  small E commerce application.

                    First Video focuses on setting up Spring MVC project using spring boot. Here, i download sample project from  After downloading, import project contents into your eclipse workspace ( or any other IDE). Imported project is Maven-ised, and you can notice that it includes all dependent jars required for spring.  Spring Boot also comes with embedded tomcat server. So, you dont have straight away run web-application as a normal application with out worrying about downloading any other external web server/app container.

         For Further details on how to setup, refer below video.


In Second video,  I have explained a step by step process for developing online store web-application.
  1. Create a Model, Controller and Views.
  2. Map HTTP URL to Controller using RequestMapping and GetMapping
  3. Display all Products information available in store.
  4. Display Specific Product Information using PathVariable
  5. Taking dynamic variable input from URL
  6. Introducing Service Layer in MVC architecture

Project is still-partial,So Please subscribe for further updates.

                                           Full Source Code is available below


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